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Beautiful, Large Round Wave Bowl, Antique Finished in 9.5" diameter silver plated

Beautiful, Large Round Bowl with base, featuring Wave edging and allover intricate carving work in the inner side of the Bowl and with Antique Finish - This bowl is heavily Silver Plated, given antique touch and Anti-tarnish cote for lasting and enduring use. The size of the bowl is 9.5 inch diameter and 3.0 inch height. This bowl weighs approximately 750 gms and comes packed in a nice Velvet Box. An ideal utility, display decor and gift idea.

item id 10800
price (Rs.) 4,270
ready quantity in Hand 2
size 9.5" dia
* This item is normally shipped within 2-3 days
Image is not of actual size

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Beautiful, Round Wave Bowl, Antique Finished in 8" diameter silver plated

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