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Artistic CUTOUT in Silver Foil of a NATARAJA and set on a Frame - 7X9 Inch

Gorgeous, Artistic CUTOUT of a NATARAJA - (Lord of the Dance) the Hindu god Shiva in his form as the cosmic dancer and made out of Silver Foil and pasted on a fine wood finish Frame with a stand to display it on a table. This exclusive piece of art is made only in limited editions in Silver Foil which is Tarnish Resistant. An ideal display decor, puja, gift and collector idea. Specs.: size 7x9 inch LxW and 0.5 Inch thickness of the frame. It comes packed in a nice velvet box.

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item id 11258
price (Rs.) 2,100
ready quantity in Hand 2
size 7x9 Inch
* This item is normally shipped within 2-3 days
Image is not of actual size

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