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Belirams disclaims any responsibility or liability for damages or injuries as a result of any construction, design, use, manufacture, restoration & conservation advice, or other activity undertaken as a result of the use or application of information contained on this Web site.

Silver, when properly maintained, will yield generations of enjoyment, even fun. The smallest piece can add a touch of luxury to everyday life, a sparkle to the dullest day. The following cleaning instructions have been tried and proven in our restoration/conservation studio. In household use to keep that glitter on your silver always you need to take some care.

You can cut the cleaning time of your silver drastically by following these simple suggestions:

We recommend to use polishes containing tarnish preventive and jewelers' rouge mainly termed as "SILVO". The preventive alone allows your cleaning to last 6 - 8 weeks, the rouge gives a brilliant showroom shine with minimal effort. (Polishes containing jewelers' rouges will be pink in color). The popular brands for silver cleaning polishes are: Silvo silver metal polish, Haggerty's silver polish, Goddards, Duraglit, Sieze, Wrights, Cadie and many more.

Silver in cabinets, boxes and cases will stay sparkling tarnish-free for long periods if you use camphor blocks around it. If cabinets are completely airtight you might get tarnish-free silver for a long time.

To restore the luster, apply some polish with a damp sponge or soft cloth like flannel (never use paper towels - they'll scratch). Let polish dry. Wipe off with damp sponge, soft cloth or even under running water. Silver will be clear and shining and glittering.

Easy steps to clean SIlver:

When cleaning heavy tarnish, use a soft-bristled brush or clean cotton cloth/flannel cloth to dust the item as a first step. This is important since dust can scratch the finish if not removed before cleaning.

Once all dust and wax are removed, wash the item by hand with warm water and a gentle dishwashing soap to remove any food and junk, but don't soak the silver in water for any length of time. Rinse the piece well with clean water, distilled is best, and dry immediately with a soft, lint-free cloth. A hair-dryer set on warm helps to dry hard-to-reach places.

Wearing plastic gloves rather than rubber (rubber can react adversely with the silver) lay the item on a soft towel work surface. Use a soft cotton cloth or sponge and a good non-abrasive commercial silver cleaner or polish of standard brand. Some people find foams, silver dips and liquids easier to manage than pastes, but it's really a matter of personal preference.

Apply the polish in a gentle circular motion. For intricate areas, use a cotton-tipped swab to apply the cleaner. Make sure all polish is removed when you're finished, using additional cotton swabs if needed. Once the piece looks clean and shiny, stop polishing even if you're still seeing dark residue on your cloth.

Wash the piece again and Dry with a lint-free cloth. Items not used for food consumption can be waxed with a thin coat of microcrystalline wax to protect against tarnishing, if desired. After they're clean and completely dry, they are ready to glitter again.

Avoid using wool, felt, chamois leather or newspaper, which can cause tarnishing and may be put scratches to the decorative parts like enamel etc.

Properly maintaining of your silver will will yield generations of enjoyment, even

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